Step-by-Step Guide to Download
Step 1: Download and install a BitTorrent client
You can get a BitTorrent client here:
uTorrent (a lightweight and easy-to-use client)
The official BitTorrent client
Azureus(a more advanced BitTorrent client)
BitComet(a user-friendly BitTorrent client)
If you are a new user of BitTorrent client, BitComet is recommended.

Step 2: Download a .torrent file from
To download a .torrent file from, just hit the 'Download' button if you know the torrent url link.
If you do not know the torrent url link, you can input some keywords in the 'Search Torrent' box, then hit the 'Search Torrent' button, you will get what you are looking for.
Input keywords in the 'Search Torrent' box:

Click the button 'Search Torrent', you will get the following result:

Click the link, you will get the torrent download page:

Click the button 'Download Now', you can save the .torrent file to your computer:

Step 3: Open the .torrent file with your BitTorrent client
Normally, the .torrent file can be opened automatically when you hit 'Download' button. You also can save the .torrent file in a specified directory when you download it. In this case, you can manually open it with your BitTorrent client.
Right click the .torrent file name and open with your BitTorrent client, here it is BitComet.

When the BitTorrent client is running, you will get the following window, just click "OK".

Then you will get the following window with your download task information:
Now you can start to download the files.

Step 4: Start to download
After you open a .torrent file, please right click the file name and hit 'Start' to start download process.
Right click the file name, click 'Start' to start to download files.

Then you will see the download process information, such as download percentage, file size and download speed,etc.
The most important thing is the save location where you can find downloaded files after download is finished.

You can change the save location in 'Options->Preferences' window.